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Instantly start getting answers across all of your data without having to worry about uploading and imports. Whether its third-party alternative data, publicly available data or your own proprietary web-scrapes, the data is just there. No more extracting and loading data from FTPs, APIs and the alphabet soup of disparate data assets. Providers feed data directly into DataMonster. Get faster access to data with dataset trials that can start instantly. Our Data partners can permission their data to an entire firm or just a single user in a single click.


“what data do I have?” “what data do I wish I had?”

  • Save time and money by quickly finding what data your firm is using today and source new providers by company or data type.
  • Easily understand relevance using intuitive statistical analysis.
  • Focus on what really matters and spot inflections with custom Trends dashboards and alerts.


"why do I have so many log-ins?”

  • Make better decisions by leveraging the power of multiple data sources. Easily build a mosaic.
  • No more logging into multiple provider websites and downloading uniquely formatted files just to do a single analysis combining your purchased datasets.
  • Get back your time by eliminating these onerous downloads, ingestions, and normalizations.


“why am I still copy/pasting updated data from all of my vendors each week?”

  • Transform data to fit your use case –includes various chart types and aggregations (including Fiscal Calendars).
  • Track relevant narratives easily across companies or sectors with data storyboards.
  • Stay current. Saved charts update automatically as new data comes in.


“What combination of data has been most predictive historically?”

  • See longer-term trends earlier and ignore noise. Our forecast algorithm factors in historic seasonality, roving holidays and recent growth inflections to help you understand what changes in a dataset means for the things you’re tracking.
  • Gauge historic relevance with simple regression models against any company reported metric.
  • Get more powerful answers with Ensemble Models that combine multiple models intelligently into one. This gives you a more accurate view.


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