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Our Platform

Our goal is to make the world of third-party data approachable.

Data which can help keep you better informed on your company, your competitors, your investments and your market is strewn all over the Internet. Discovering that data is time consuming. Testing that data means creating bespoke data flows and building proprietary integrations. Once you buy that data you somehow have to unify it all for analysis and make sure it’s coming in on time and in the right format. We can help.


“Can I track my competition?” “Is my investment losing share?”
  • Quickly search for datasets from hundreds of providers in one place
  • Read about the provider and the datasets offered
  • Reach out to learn more or to start a trial
  • Visit dmdiscover.com to sign up for free


"Is this dataset correlated to my sales? Can this provider give me the granularity I need?”

  • Go from Discover to Evaluate seamlessly.
  • With a few click a data provider can enable you for trial access.
  • Visually inspect data, measure correlation, and understand data features.
  • Use our API to pull the data into your environment or use our off the shelf tools to test.
  • Save time by quickly narrowing down to the data that will help you excel.


“why am I still copy/pasting updated data from all of my vendors each week?”

  • Transform data to fit your use case –includes various chart types and aggregations (including Fiscal Calendars).
  • Track relevant narratives easily across companies or sectors with data storyboards.
  • Stay current. Saved charts update automatically as new data comes in.

Custom Data

“I need something more custom for my business needs, can you help?”

  • Adaptive offers managed data ingestions. We will ingest your datasets, large and small, and perform custom aggregations and validation. We can also unify identifier mappings. Skip the plumbing and focus on what you know best.
  • Let us help you find highly specific datasets to answer critical questions about your business, your market, your competition or your investment targets.
  • We can deliver this as raw data or insights. It’s up to you.


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